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As the search for a missing girl widens state-by-state, Calvin can't shake the eerie feeling that he's being followed.

"Think present-day Hardy Boys...Calvin Crane is a Black urban Henry Huggins..." 

Larry Duplechan

Best-selling Author of  "Blackbird," the movie

Author Kevin Don Porter

Kevin Don Porter is a traditionally-published novelist whose work has appeared on,, and in Architecture Leaders Today. He has also been a reporter for The Christian Post. He is a query letter writer and editor, book consultant, and copywriter. 

Currently, he has published two mystery novels and one short-story mystery series.

For updates on his upcoming work visit us often. You can also follow Kevin on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and friend him on Facebook and Goodreads. Check this site for his celebrity interviews. 

Praise for "Missing"

" exhilarating read filled with very amusing, detailed characters...Suspense I didn't see coming that will put you on the edge of your seat. Amongst the laughter and memory making, Calvin and his family never imagined that this vacation would also be a fight to keep their family together. Bravo Kevin Don Porter on a job well done."

AAMBC Book Club


Kontrol Magazine

"Author conversations with Kevin Don Porter #KontrolReads. Get to know Kevin..."





"Capitol Heights resident Kevin Porter's young adult book, Missing, was released this month by publisher The Artists' Orchard. The book is a mystery about a 10-year-old boy's obsession with the case of a missing girl, Porter wrote in an email to The Gazette. He said the book is unique because it features a black protagonist, which is not as common in young adult literature today."

Press Release
"Developmental Editor Susan Mary Malone, (, has seen another of her author clients get published through a traditional publisher this month. The new book, Missing, written by Kevin Don Porter and edited by Susan Mary Malone, and is now on shelves..."
Kevin's Books


Calvin Crane

and the Kidnapper

Ross Roulette

A Ross Roulette Thriller:

Book One

The Man with Two First Names

A Ross Roulette Thriller: Book Two

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