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TV Networks That Get On My Nerves

The Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). Their movies titles tell so much that you don't have to watch to know what happens. They're way too self-explanatory. These are made up, but titles like:

  • My Ex-Boyfriend Is A Murderer

  • I Didn't Kill My Sister But Everyone Thinks I Did

  • My Father's Mistress

  • She Stole My Fiancé

  • I Survived Abuse At Home

Another one: The Hallmark Channel. While I appreciate their uplifting, sunny movies, they are so sugary sweet that I get cavities by just watching. Weddings, prancing and dancing, butterflies, rainbows, lollipops and unicorns. I mean, c'mon. Can't there be one movie that doesn't end with a couple walking off into the sunset? Please.

What do you think?

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